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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh Man. I Couldn't NOT Blog This

So. As I stated a few posts ago, the catty bitches are still catty.

I am fuming right now and I only have myself to blame b/c I can't resist knowing what these bitches are saying about me. It's actually pretty funny how lame and just completely wrong they are.

Sara (the bitch neighbor) and I had a rather heated email exchange on Thursday in regards to a comment that she made to my roommate. Apparently, she said the stuff on the porch (which amounts to my car mats...uh and that's it) made us look like we lived in the ghetto, or something to that effect. Wanted to know when I was going to clean it up. Oh man. If you could only see the fury in my eyes when I heard this. I thought my fucking head was going to spin.

I erased all of Sara's numbers from my phone (like I do to everyone that gets cut out of my life), so I text'd her co-worker (who I USED to be really cool with...I'll get back to that in a second) to ask for her work number. Yes, I was going to call that bitch and tell her off. I am crazy. I don't give a fuck.

He knows we're not on speaking terms (I told him why I was angry with her and Sharon the Cow a month or 2 back...we were drinking. Apparently, he either misheard me when I explained it all to him, which I did grudgingly b/c he just HAD to know...anyway, big ass mouth that kid has...ok, sory, I'll get to that in a sec), so he asked why I wanted her number. Long story short, he wouldn't give it to me b/c he knew she was going to get bitched out.

So I emailed that hairy whore, and I asked her if she was going to be home around 10pm when I got home from class b/c I had to talk to her about the snide remark she made to my roommate. She replied that she didn't say that and even if she did, it was in a joking manner. Ain't nobody but me is going to be laughing when I punch that bitch in her face. Anyway, so she basically went on to say that she was merely looking out for me, since it has rained a few times and the mats are still out there and they're going to get moldy. I told her I didn't need her damn insincere advice and let her know to be a woman and come to me if she had something to say. Point blank. Period. Nada mas.

She proceeds to forward every single email from me and her replies to Sharon the Cow. They went back and forth all day yesterday, saying that I'm crazy and they need to stay away from me. Yup. I know I'm crazy and I'm alllllllllright with that. Sorry I don't fit into a neat little box with a fake ass bow. Sorry I think differently than most people. Whatever.

So then, man-woman Sara "finds out" from her co-worker the reason why I am mad at them is b/c they said I looked like a whore in a picture that they saw of me. That is sooooo far from the reason and soooo far from what I told CB (the co-worker who wouldn't give me her number). CB distorted the whole thing and said this to N, who told Sara. Are you getting how childish and idiotic this whole thing is? I feel like I'm in High School again.

Sara the Lard and Sharon the Cow go on to say that they don't remember saying that about me, but yea, I do look like a whore in pictures. Thanks guys! ;-) I'm sorry that I take pride in my appearance, sorry I shower more than once a day (Sharon the Cow doesn't take showers on Sundays - that's no bullshit either), sorry I have such beautiful friends and we have a great time together and the pictures show that.

They went on to say that I have a guilty conscience about being a slut and that's why I took offense to what they said. Mind you, none of this is true, as this is not the reason I cut them out of my life, but their speculation is awesome. I do enjoy stupid people!

The one thing that made me stop laughing at all this is when Sharon the Potbellied Pig made a comment about my miscarriages being prior to 22 years old and due to my being a slut. Not that I have to explain any of that to anyone, but if you're going to talk shit about my personal drama, at least get the facts right.

When I feel close to someone, I tell them private things about myself. I take this very seriously, as I don't open up to just anyone (well...I open up to all of you, don't I?!). My personal shit should not be bandied about between two idiots with mush for brains. I don't even know how to put into words how angry it made me. I don't have anything to be ashamed of and I don't have many regrets about what I've done or haven't done in the past.

It's amusing how a person can be a slut when they haven't had sex in months. What a great chuckle I'm having even writing this. I can't believe I just wasted the last 30 minutes writing about these stupid bitches. But I had to keep y'all informed!! Ok, I'm done venting about that. Thanks for being patient.

In other news, been hanging with a dude. Cool guy. We've hung out every night for the past 3 nights. He's a very cool cat. Artist. Amazing painter and illustrator. That's it. We're cool. Gonna see how it progresses. I'll keep ya updated ;-)

Ciao fuckers.


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