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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hooking up

Hmm. Ok so I won't get into details, but I went out on Friday night with one of my 8 closest friends. We smoked, we drank, we had lots of fun. Now, one of the guys we were hanging out with happens to be one of my co-worker's best friends. We will call him "The Assumer" lol. My co-worker was there with him. His name will be "Muscles" heehee. So Muscles gets really wasted and disappears. The place was closing, so my girlfriend, her co-worker and I were ready to leave. I asked The Assumer if he wanted to come back to my place to smoke with us and he said yes. So we all go back to my place, smoke and my girlfriend and her co-worker got up to leave. Now I was beyond trashed at this point - I was more high than drunk - and The Assumer just stayed there. So I'm like ok, whatever, this dude ain't getting any anyway, so he can sleep on that side of the bed. I didn't care. But, of course, The Assumer assumed that he was getting ass. He tried to rub on me and I was disgusted. I was like dude, its sleepytime. No, really, I used the word "sleepytime". I had my back to him and told him this. But he was not getting it! He was like, "I don't even get a kiss"? I said, no, now go to sleep. So after another 10 minutes of trying, he gave up, called a cab and went to his girlfriend's house.

A few things about me that you may not know:
  • I do not have random sex
  • I do not have random sex ESPECIALLY when I am drunk or high
  • I won't (again) make the mistake of having sex with an attached dude
  • When I say NO, I mean NO

Don't fuckin' try to get lucky just because I didn't kick you out when other people left. I was wasted and couldn't get those words out in time. But I damn sure know how to say NO, drunk, sober and in a few different languages, just in case English doesn't do it for you.

I know I'm a cock tease. I don't mean to be. I shouldn't be. But I'd rather be a cock tease than accused of being loose. Thank you.


May your orgasms be strong and plentiful.

Ciao fuckers!


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