Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Monday, January 31, 2005


Had the most amazing time last night...seems like I'm using that word a lot these days. Well, I guess I'll share a bit. Late night Friday = not a happy camper on Saturday, so I went into work around 11a and decided to leave early. J called and we made plans to hang out at my house that night. My roomie invited us out, but we just wanted to stay in. So I got home from work around 10p and J came over at 10:30p...12 pack of Amstel in hand! Woohoo! So we went up to my room (because 3rd roomie was in the living room watching TV) and just started drinking and bullshitting...laughing a lot...cracking jokes and downloading music. Did that for a few hours...and ya know, we didn't go to sleep until after 6am. I guess time flies when you're having fun, huh? ;-) He left at 8a because he had to go to an open house at the school he teaches at (bad grammar, bite me)...I walked him downstairs and we kissed and said goodbye. I went upstairs and slept until 10a and procrastinated...then I went to work. J and I were text messaging each other while I was on my way to work...just cracking the same jokes from the night before. He is amazing...but I'm taking this one slow...I don't want to fuck it up. But it's so hard not to like someone like him. In such a short time, he's proven to be, not only sweet and chivalrous, but hilariously funny and smart and we get along so well...ok, I'm gonna shut the hell up now. I just know I've jinxed it, as I always do. But I don't really talk to anyone about him, I mean, sure I talk about him now and then, but I don't ever get into detail. I made that mistake before. *sigh*...he is so dreamy. ;-) I'm a smitten kitten!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hungover today and more drinkin' tonight

Well...funny evening last night. So I leave the office around 10:15p to go get my car from the lot on 55th and ran into my manager and one of the other supes smoking outside this bar right next to the lot. So, I went inside with them and my boss made me sit down and have a drink lol. 2 actually. Random. I was still on the clock. So I hung out there for an hour, got my car, grabbed my jeans, changed, checked on the troops and bounced at like 11:45p. Took a cab over to 52nd and 2nd, Bar Room, met up with my newly single supervisor friend and we pounded back beer for free, since his best friend was the bartender. Left around 2:30am, took a cab back to the job to get my car and I dropped his drunk ass off at home. OMG and he got me LOSTTTTT near his house because he was soooo trashed, he gave me the wrong directions. It was pretty funny b/c he was half asleep. Got home around 3am, knocked out, woke up at 9am, got to work at like 10:45am b/c of freakin' traffic. So technically, since I'm supposed to do my 12 hr bid on Sats and Suns, I'm leaving early today. Fuck it. I'm out at 9:30p because I'm hanging out with "Q.T."...I WOULD just tell him to come over for movies or whatever, but my house is a fuckin' pigsty. My 3rd roomie is a fuckin' slob and I HATE living with her sometimes. Our house is disgusting and neither Sharon, nor I, feel as though we should clean it. We're hardly there and when we are, we clean. We cleaned after the blizzard...and later on that day, my roommate and her funky ass beaker boyfriend were occupying the TV and making a mess on the table that I cleaned. I was pissed. And she has had a sink full of dishes for a full week. I am sooo pissed. I am not embarassed b/c it's not my mess but dude should not have to be subjected to that on such a regular basis. We've been seeing each other once or twice a week lately and he always comes over and wants to clean our messes. I'm like no, I'll do it and he stops me and does it. Which is incredibly sweet and considerate, but not necessary. Beaker, on the other hand, does not do SHIT. Ever! 3rd roomie doesn't drink (I don't trust people who don't drink), so whatever strange fruit beer is lying around (if it ain't Amstel, it ain't mine) is his. Our fuckin' house looks like an entire frat party threw up in there.

So I'm actually contemplating going out, as much as I don't want to. I'd rather stay home with J (yes, I'm not going to refer to him as "Q.T." anymore) and watch movies and get wasted (I'm such a lady lol).

Friday, January 28, 2005

Fun day at work...

I've been here since about 3:40p, had a meeting at 4p for about an hour, smoked some cigs with my's been a good day. All the other supes and my manager went out for drinks (punks!) so they left me here to hold down the fort until I feel like leaving to get my car, which will be around 11:30p. Then I'm meeting one of the supes over at Barroom for more drinks for a couple of hours, then taking my ass home.

Ok going to take another break lol. BRB

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Been busy lately

Hello faithful readers! I haven't had the time to update in over a week, but I'll tell you, I love my wireless network capabilities. I can sit on the toilet, download music and update this here blog all at the same time (which is what I'm doing right now, I don't give a damn if that grosses you out). So, what have I been up to the past few days, you ask? Here's a quickie recap:
  • Work and is ok, can't complain, doesn't help. School is great. Lots of reading this semester. Not too many books, but I'm already in the hole from buying the few that I did. My photography professor is one of the most amazing men I've ever laid my eyes on. It's going to be hard to concentrate in that class. *sigh*...he's dreamy. Anyway:
  • "Q.T." McNotSoNewGuy came over on the 19th and hung out with me and my crazy roommates and neighbor watching Lost. Then, ya know, we hung out alone for awhile.
  • Started school on the 20th, but I've already mentioned how school is going, so moving right along:
  • Had this past weekend off to do bridesmaid stuff...IN THE BLIZZARD! Picked out a dress for the wedding and bounced...took almost an hour to get home from Morris Park, when it is about a 15 minute ride...Sharon, Sara, Alia, her beaker, I mean, boyfriend, Don, and Dana were in my house when I got there. They were all laid up on the couches, watching movies and eating. Of course, I was the first one to crack a brew. That was at 2pm and I didn't stop drinking until about 2am. "Q.T." came over around 8pm (did I mention that it was snowing like no one's business outside? I mean he drives a Jeep, but damn) and watched movies and TV with us, played UNO, then we cuddled for awhile and went to sleep. Had the most amazing time with him. My roomies all love him, think he's fantastic and completely insane for tolerating our crazy tendencies everytime he comes over. He doesn't let me lift a finger and will str8 up, get up and get everyone beer or whatever from the kitchen. He's great...moving along:
  • Went shopping on Sunday with Sharon & Sara, ate @ Applebee's and went home to watch football and drink beer...go Patriots!!! woohoo!!
  • Monday, school and work. Had to deal with some drama since I wasn't in this past weekend, but I dealt and just chilled until 12a, came home, watched Law & Order until 2am, went to sleep and woke up @ 7am to go to class today. Photography around 9a and Cpu & Culture @ 11:50a. Then came home to contemplate my dire need for dinero. I get paid on Thursday, so it's all good, but I have to buy MAD shit for Photography class and it's going to cost me 2 arms and a leg. *sigh* some more...
  • But the plus side is that "Q.T." might come over tonight if he can grade midterms early enough. We shall see...


Sunday, January 16, 2005

A quote...

"Time and age do not give you innocence." Don't know where it came from, but I remembered it. And I didn't make it up. ;-)

Saturday, January 15, 2005


...another work day is almost over and I am so happy to be going home! Just gotta stick it out, one more day to go before a fabulous 4 days off!!!!!

Being the kind of girl that I am, I won't be calling "Q.T."...I'll let him call me. But hopefully, he'll call early in the week so that I can see him before we both start school. I didn't ask him when he starts, though I imagine it'll be this week, like me. Anyway--the more I talk about him, the more I realize that, as usual, I'm putting my foot in my mouth because nothing I get myself involved in ever works out, but I'm hopeful. He brought a Livestrong bracelet to my house when he picked me up on Wednesday. I lost mine (and was sooooooo upset about it) the first time we hung out at the end of December...well I didn't lose it while I was with him, but earlier that day or even the day before while I was in Brooklyn. Anyway, so yea, I was all giggly that he remembered. And I made him the CD I promised him the last time we hung out and played pool and he really liked it. So we're off to a good start. But neither of us are looking for anything serious...well, I'm not closed off to the idea, but I'm not screaming for a boyfriend after 3 weeks of dating either. So we'll see...


Ugh...Personnel issues...

Today I am dealing with crazy ass personnel issues. And the more I look at these people, the more I want to just fire them all. Unfortunately, I can't fire at will, but I can certainly document every damn remark and make sure they bury themselves. I LOVE being the boss, but goddamnit, I hate the fucking whining. I called my manager (duh, MY boss) and asked her about some payroll shit, and she was like "Tell them to fucking call HR, b/c I'm tired of them harrassing you with this shit!"...I love her, she's great. Off to go relieve some stress...ciao!

Friday night...

Got home from work a little while ago. Much to report, as I wait for these sleeping pills to kick in. A bulleted list:
  • Hung out with "Q.T. McNewGuy" this past Wednesday. OMG he is so fabulous. I like him alot and according to well placed sources (i.e. the fiance of the friend that hooked us up a.k.a. "Q.T."'s best friend), he likes me too. I was told other things as well, but I'd rather keep some secrets for myself ;-). "Q.T." told me some interesting things about himself, again, things I'll keep to myself ha ha!! But, I've found a dude that not only doesn't mind reality tv, but LIKES it (well, some of it). We watched movies at my house, but more importantly, watched the 1st episode of the "Surreal Life" with Mini-Me and that washed-up, doped out has been, first winner of "America's Next Top Model". If you haven't seen it, please see it at some point when VH1 re-runs it. Mini-Me gets drunk and naked and I almost pissed on myself watching it with "Q.T." & my roommate.
  • Work is going well. I love my new responsibilities. Hate my hours though, but I'll get around that eventually. Either that or I'll make someone a night owl ...
  • My parents are officially home owners. They closed on their townhouse today and move in next week. I cannot possibly express my joy in words!!
  • School starts on the 20th, and I'm super-excited. "Q.T" registered for grad school, so I guess...well, I suppose we'll have to work out a way to hang out.

Ok, I'm sure there is stuff that I'm forgetting, but I think these pills are kicking in. I wanna get to work by 10am tomorrow so I can leave at 10pm, so I gotta get to bed.


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Nothing much to report...

Nothing much going on today. Got to work @ 11am, gotta be here until 11pm. Whatevah, just gimme that check! Fridays and Mondays will be ok at work b/c there won't be much for me to do...It kinda sucks that my weekends are shot...but I'm sure I'll manage to still hang out whenever I can.

School starts on the 20th! I am excited. Last semester seemed to have flown by, but that's pretty much only because I spent so much time at home. I'll miss having random days off, but I have to do what I have to do!

I'm sure I'll be bored later, so I'll post something else soon...

Saturday, January 08, 2005


...don't you wish! :-)

I WIILL say this though: Played pool (I lost...but I wasn't TOO far behind!!), went to 2 bars, laughed alot and had a really good time. No need for details beyond that. Our schedules are going to be super hectic for the next few months (b/c I'll be in school and working and he'll be working during the day and going to grad school at night) I don't even know when we're going to hang out again. I may have to corrupt him and make him go out on a ... weeknight!!!! Lol. Damn I like him. ;-)

p.s. Go here. Funny as allllllll hell

Thursday, January 06, 2005

You know what I haven't said in awhile...

..."This is my life"...what used to be my motto has now become obsolete. Although I have my moments, I've been pretty happy in general. I've got my health (I've lost weight, I think -- woohoo), my friends, my wonderful roommate and neighbors and last but definitely not least -- my beautiful family! And I'm dating! Life is good...I'm sure something will happen that will make me say otherwise, but for now, I'm straight...well, not straight, I'm bi, but you know what I mean! :-)

Another random "get to know me" Q&A

IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Hawaii. I’ve never been there but it sure looks beautiful in pictures!


FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURE OF THE OPPOSITE (or TARGET) SEX? I like how this question is phrased. Hmmm…my favorite feature on a man is his lips…more intimately…the dents from his pelvic bone. Favorite feature of a woman would have to be the dip between her back and her butt.

THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? Shit…I haven’t bought a CD in a while. Um…dang. I would have to say Puddle of Mud…but I could be wrong.




WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? 11am if I don’t have to work that day. 10am if I do. Lol…probably 10am for school.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE? I don’t like cooking, but since I have to eat SOMEHOW, I guess the George Foreman grill.

WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY ANGRY? Blatant ignorance and inconsideration.


FAVORITE COLOR? I have a few. Black, b/c it’s slimming…and I like pink too…and blue…lol.

WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SPORTS CAR OR SUV? Both…sports car in the summer and SUV in the winter.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? Not really, but haven’t given it an exorbitant amount of thought.

FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Um…damn. Cinderella is the safe answer, but I was into some weird books when I was younger. Christopher Pike shit. I started reading at an early age.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? Fall and spring. Not too cold, not too hot.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? The ability to heal the pain of others.

IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? Shit. I’ve got 7. Here goes:

  • Neck: Ohm symbol, tribal and fire
  • Right shoulder blade: “My brother’s keeper”
  • Left arm: Kanji for ‘beautiful’
  • Left thigh: A dove
  • Left ankle: A phoenix with red tipped feathers (to symbolize the pyre)
  • Left breast: Japanese symbol for heart
  • Right breast: Japanese symbol for serenity

CAN YOU JUGGLE? My response to this involved 2 balls, but you readers have dirty minds, so I won't answer!

TO? No one. No regrets.


WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? The better question is: “What is NOT in the trunk of your car?” because my answer would be shorter. For space’s sake, I’ll recount what I saw when last I looked: A shower curtain, paints, brushes, an easel, a pair of sweatpants, about 4 jackets, 2 sweaters…you get the idea.



WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? Anything my Mom cooks…or SUSHI!!!

IF YOU COULD ONLY CHOOSE ONE FANTASY SERVANT, WHO WOULD IT BE (CHAUFFEUR/GARDENER/COOK/MASSEUSE/OTHER)? Well, in a few years, this will be reality, but I’d have to say, a masseuse…or masseur!! Ooohhhhhhhh

Blah blah blah...

...boring today...nothing to do. The second shift supervisor is in today (he was out last night) so there is no real supervisory crap for me to do. At 8pm, I'm going upstairs to chill with him so he can give me more supervisor info. I have nothing to do for the next 20 minutes...

Usually, when I talk about something it gets fucked up. Like the whole E thing. Oh boy, was that just a mess. Well, not a mess so much, but more of a disappointment. I talked that up way too much and he ended up being a flake. BUT! I will say, that since my cousin and her fiance hooked us up, "Q.T. McNewGuy" and I might fair a little better. He just happens to be one of the most polite and kind people I've ever met. Chivalrous like you wouldn't believe! And did I mention that his body is bananas to the point that my cousin's fiance pulled me to the side @ Slate the night I met him and was like "Yo, he has a six pack, too"...I was like "OMG, I don't care about that!"...and I don't. I mean, it's HOT to look @ a dude with a banging body, but that doesn't factor into whether I dig him or not. Not to compare, but E was wicked skinny, I mean, NO body, and I liked him. The drunk surgeon had a smokin' body too, but he turned me off b/c the 1st time we met up, I brought my supervisor @ the time and Twin to the bar he was at with his friends, and he was WASTED. NOT a good first impression. I never called him again. So, I mention all of that to say that appearance is not a factor when deciding whether or not I want to date someone. It HELPS, but it is not CRUCIAL! So, it HELPS that he is gorgeous and has a ridiculously hot body...AND he is smart and sweet and funny. I think I'm a little excited about our date tomorrow. I was a little tipsy at Slate the first time we met, but I guess I made a good impression because he called me a week later to hang out...and that night was fun. So the 2nd date is important lol. I might just get my hurrrr did! Lol


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Today is a good day...

...I have actually had a VERY good day! I was very stressed out this past Sunday, since that was my first official day as supervisor. I was unsure about soooo much and scheduling was a nightmare. But today, I sat with my manager and one of the other supervisors and got so much good feedback and advice. So, I have a better handle on the whole thing. And I did about 3 hours worth of work today (which included smoking cigarettes with my manager and co-workers and bullshitting with them in the office) and that's it!! I leave @ 12am, and I get to do the same tomorrow, except I'll be shadowing one of the other supervisors, so no REAL work. This supervisor shit is the greatest! I'm going to have so much time to study on the weekends once I start school b/c my job is so damn easy, I'll be here just chilling on Saturdays and Sundays...and I get to make my own hours? Damnnnnnnn...not to brag, but I'm pretty lucky. In 6 months, it'll be great b/c I won't have to punch in or out, since I'll be salaried. I won't get any overtime pay, but whatever, they'll be lucky to even get 35 hours out of me. So now I have to go upstairs and write the vouchers for the car service, so in the words of Kip in "Napoleon Dynamite"..."Peace out!"

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


...Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. I think I'd much rather stay home and continue to unclutter my life. I have to clean my car. Random. I guess the good part of going to work for the next two days is that they'll go pretty quickly and then I have a date on Friday...which I'm excited about. He is showing interest, which of course, is always good. I don't call him, ever, but he calls and we hang out. I like the "not talking on the phone" thing, because we'll always have something to talk about when we see each other.

Diet is going well, end of the second day. Lots of protein and no caffeine! I mean it! NO COFFEE. And I've had soooo much energy. I'm eating smaller meals more often throughout the day. No juice, no alcohol (gasp!)..."Q.T" knows that I can't drink for the next 6 weeks, so hopefully, he'll plan something nonalcoholic for us to do on Friday...we'll see!


Monday, January 03, 2005

Got me another date...

..."Q.T. McNewGuy" is taking me out again on Friday...I'm soooo excited! :-)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year's Eve / New Year's Day pictures

What everybody wants...the eye candy! I won't post all the pictures up here...just the ones with me in them or just random shots. I don't want to put anyone's face up here without permission b/c it is punishable by law, public flogging and mental dismemberment. Plus, many of the people I talk about on a day to day basis are in these pictures, including crazy neighbors and cute firemen. So we'll just leave them out for now!! :-)

This is the firehouse in which the party was held:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Me, cheesing...:
Image Hosted by

Me in my roomie's fiance's helmet:
Image Hosted by

Me, riding shotgun...well we didn't move anywhere, but still...:
Image Hosted by

This is the party aftermath, January 1st:
Image Hosted by

Me, on the fire pole:
Image Hosted by

Me, in cutie fireman's hat:
Image Hosted by

Fuckin' email...

...can't check my email from work now. It's some security thing, since I work for a fuckin' investment bank. Don't want anyone to commit a Martha on that ass, so they're taking all these extra precautions.

Other than that interesting tidbit, nothing else to report. I watched "Garden State" last night @ my neighbor's house, and I must say, I was impressed. Definitely one to pick up @ Best Buy. Very good movie. It has an indie feel to it, but very well done. After that, I came home and relaxed. I downloaded a bunch of Foo Fighters stuff and watched TV. Caught "Runaway Bride" on TBS. I don't think it got good reviews, but I thought it was cute. And Julia Roberts is hot. Anyhoo--nothing else is going on at the moment, but since today is my first full day as supervisor, I'm sure I'll have some shit to gossip about later!


Foo Fighters - Tired of You

I can be your liar
I can be your bearer of bad news
Sick and uninspired by the diamonds in your fire
Burning like a flame inside of you
Is this just desire or the truth
So shame on me for the ruse
Shame on me for the blues
Another one returned that I'll never use
I won't go getting tired of you
I won't go getting tired of you
I'm not getting tired
I won't go getting tired of you
I won't go getting tired of you
I'm not getting tired
Hanging on this wire
Waiting for the day where I'll have to choose
Cursed by love so dire
One more boy for hire
One more boy to lend a hand to you
Is this just desire or the truth
So shame on me for the ruse
Shame on me for the blues
Another one returned that I'll never use
I won't go getting tired of you
I won't go getting tired of you
I'm not getting tired
I won't go getting tired of you
I won't go getting tired of you
I'm not getting tired of you
I can be your liar
I can be your bearer of bad news
Sick and uninspired by the diamonds in your fire
Burning like a flame inside of you
Is this just desire or the truth
So shame on me for the ruse
Shame on me for the blues
Another one returned that I'll never use
I won't go getting tired of you
I won't go getting tired of you
I'm not getting tired
I won't go getting tired of you
I won't go getting tired of you
I'm not getting tired of you

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Day...

Had a great time last night. It only took me about an hour and 20 minutes to get out there, since there was no traffic on the L.I.E. Changed at my roommate's fiance's house and went over to the firehouse. As usual, the place looked great, but there were some strrrange fruits among us! There was a lady in a head to toe zebra pant suit. Shiny. Ok? Yea. And there were these old bitties with their tatas just a flying. Oh and then there was the chick who kept telling me how beautiful I was. Said I was the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. And then said she wasn't gay. That's kewl and all, and I thanked her everytime she complimented me, but I was a little embarrassed b/c she kept going up to people saying "Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?". Uh huh, no exaggeration. But all in all, we had a good time. I was a good girl. Well...good...yea, I WAS a good girl. Had my eye on a certain fireman, but it's always like that when we all go out together. We flirt and we shouldn't, but we do. It's harmless. OHHHH...AND!! I did not get sick! I was so proud. I drank like 10 drinks (Stoli O & 7-up) and was sober by 5am (the time we left). Went back to the house, knocked out and I was the first one up of course. My roomie, her fiance, and me called cutie fireman & my crazy neighbor (see why I shouldn't be flirting with him? But he hates her!! lol) and they met us at the house and we all left to go to the diner. Ate breakfast and headed back over to the firehouse. We took pictures on the rig and I danced on the pole. Lol ;-) j/k. Then we headed into the bar area and watched TV for the rest of the day. I drank about 3 glasses of beer and was just so lazy! I didn't end up leaving L.I. until after 6pm, came home, watched "Garden State" with crazy neighbor. Now I'm going to hop in the shower and relax. Got work tomorrow! ;-)